Keith Rivers is a 31 year old director who grew up in North Bend, WA surrounded by the cascade mountains with a family infiltrated into the entertainment industry. His father Bob Rivers is an iconic radio talk show host, multi-gold record producer, and parody songwriter; his younger brother Andrew Rivers is an up-and-coming stand up comic, frequently touring the country. Keith prefers the director’s chair, alongside the camera, working closely with actors, nurturing story inside the edit room and creating music in his recording studio. In only a few years, Rivers has built a portfolio that most do over an entire career, working for brands such as Microsoft, Chevrolet, Alaska Airlines, Tesla, Hershey’s, Taco Bell, and Volvo as well as inadvertently starting a soup-to-nuts creative house in Seattle, representing a core group of talented directors, as well as conceptualizing a 350 million dollar global marketing campaign for Internet Explorer, a music synchronization deal for Alex Clare that begot him a triple platinum award. Rivers also created the instantly viral Surface commercial for Microsoft, which received 8 million views and won a Gold ADDY award. When he’s not working on innovative marketing campaigns or customized branded content, he’s traveling with non-profit organizations to places like Zambia, Bangladesh, the Amazon, and Senegal, developing humanitarian stories involving education, children, and culture. As a hobby, Rivers is a singer and songwriter, currently producing his third music album.


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